What good is privcay?

In an episode of Bull, called Dirty Little Secrets, he has this conversation about the effects of the loss of privacy because of the world of interent. I think it is poignant and clearly conveys a message about what can happen to the best of humanity’s dreams:

Bull: I think the world must have been an easier place to navigate when everything we did, every secret we had, every thing we looked up, wondered about, dreamt about, tried to accomplish, failed to accomplish, give up on, or succeed wasn’t stored forever in one place where someone, maybe even our government can see it and judge it and then use it against us without our permission. Cause you know what happens in a country like that?
J.P.: People stop looking things up. People stop wondering and people stop dreaming. They don’t fail. They just don’t do anything because when their right to privacy is taken away, their ability to move forward, to reinvent themselves, to imagine something better is taken away too.