Feeling good about yourself is important

Comparison and the sense of self-worth drive so much of the world in so many activities, but there are ways to derive a sense of satisfaction with yourself. Even if you just help yourself or a loved one, you’ve already made a positive difference. From the article:

“Buddhist psychology has a workaround. “[It] shows how this limiting sense of self is at the root of our suffering: We’ve forgotten the love, awareness, intelligence and tenderness of our essential being,” says Brach. When caught by a pang of envy, she recommends taking a moment to breathe deeply. “Let the present moment—the breath, sensations, sights and sounds that are right here—be a refuge, a safe haven,” she says.

To her mind, meditation is a form of spiritual reparenting that can train the brain to quiet its fears and reconnect with that deeper self, and on her website she offers several guided exercises. She often recommends four steps easily remembered by an acronym: RAIN: “Recognize what is going on; allow the experience to be there, just as it is; investigate with interest and care; nourish with self-compassion.”

The best strategies for self-assessment, according to Buddhist and Stoic philosophy

We’re programmed to compare ourselves to others—now we have to override that urge if we want to find happiness that lasts.

Source: qz.com/961808/how-do-i-stop-comparing-myself-to-others-strategies-from-buddhist-and-stoic-philosophy/