The Decline of Democracies, part 3

I will be making posts about all of the small and insidious ways that powerful forces are trying to completely erode any power that a democracy provides for its citizens. I think we are in the middle of a very dangerous time for the survival of democracy.

Removing the separation of church and state – using religion to brain wash.

Donald Trump, aka POTUS, at the Prayer Breakfast, stated how he would repeal the Johnson Amendment, a 1954 law that keeps pastors from openly advocating for political candidates from the pulpit. This is another step towards dumbing down and brain washing citizens. Consider this – how many people who go to church are afraid of going to hell? If they don’t behave and stop sinning, they will end up in the fire below. That isn’t necessarily the image they have now, but the implications of major repercussions in the afterlife guide many people through this life. So, if your pastor starts telling you that the only way to salvation is to support candidate x, y, or z, or to put pressure on congress to vote in one way or another. The control that religious leaders have is frightening, and then add to it the power to change the politics of the county – a serious recipe for the dismantling of democracy. The Koch brothers and other rich donors will no longer have to worry about how much they can give any individual candidate – they can just start donating to churches, building new ones, and grab hold of the religious leaders like they have of many politicians. All of this CAN and WILL happen is POTUS is successful in overturning the Johnson Amendment.