The Decline of Democracies, part 2.

I will be making posts about all of the small and insidious ways that powerful forces are trying to completely erode any power that a democracy provides for its citizens. I think we are in the middle of a very dangerous time for the survival of democracy.

The attempt at removal of intelligence and art appreciation – dumbing down.

There is a slow, planned, and controlled erosion going on around the world, not only with climate change, but also in every fiber of our existence. We are being led insidiously, using economics as only one force, to become uninterested world citizens, so that powers like the very rich can take over. This article is about the UK, but let’s do a gut check to see how it is happening everywhere. This is a quote from the article where the author is drawing a connection between the drop in museum visits and economic factors that families are facing, and all of this is leading to a dumbed-down world population who will then easily be further manipulated by the dark forces that are trying to destroy all democracies.

“No – it is not because minds are shrinking. It is because the same economic pressures that have uprooted politics around the world are destroying the aspirations we express when we go to galleries. There is nothing more aspirational than visiting a museum or art gallery. It is an expression of hope and self-esteem. Just as lying in bed all day binge-watching TV and eating crisps is probably a mark of melancholy. Going out to an exhibition or taking your kids to the Natural History Museum is surely a symbol of belief in your family and the future.”

The drop in museum visitors reveals a nation without aspiration or hope | Jonathan Jones

A government report shows that visitor numbers to UK museums and galleries are down by millions. This is not due to distracted young minds – it is a symptom of economic strife