Bob’s Twitter Rule

How many times have you been in a situation where someone wants to tell you something, and it takes him so long, through such a round-about way, to get to the point, if indeed,he ever does? How many times have you wanted to pull his tongue to get to the point and over with? Well, with Bob’s Twitter Rule in your repertoire, you won’t have to suffer that again. Here’s how it works: let’s say you ask someone how the weather is, and the response goes something like, “well, funny you ask Bob is over here sitting by the pool and he grew up in Pittsburgh and never saw the sun but how about the Penguins hope they win the Stanley cup but Big Ben was just honored with something but that bar where he got in trouble is opening and his sister is helping him and she lives near my cousin……… etc., etc.” never getting to the question. So, you say, “I am invoking Bob’s Twitter Rule – you now have 144 characters to finish!” I guarantee this will cause a pause, or your money back. And for habitual offenders, you might consider starting the conversation with Bob’s Twitter Rule.