Coffee, How much do I love thee?

graphic-coffee-cup-thumb3380699Since 11th grade, I’ve been in love with coffee. College provided a few nice coffee shops to get a different, good cup, but it wasn’t until my move to New York City that my love blossomed. In Brooklyn Heights where I lived, there were at least 2 stores to buy beans or sit and sip. I purchased a hand grinder back on those days, and used those grinds in my first Chemex Pot. Since then, I have gone through many iterations of grinders and brewers, and with my present setup, I feel like the proverbial very lucky guy. I have a very nice Cuisinart Brewer as well as a Chemex pot, and a burr grinder (the only way to grind). I foundย Speciality Java and have not looked back. I like a variety on hand, so my present stash includes:

Organic and Fair Trade

  • Sumatran
  • New York New York
  • Bali Kintamani
  • Hibrido de Timor
  • Layer Cake Melange
  • Espresso Organico Dark
  • Rainforest Rhythms
  • Decadent Decaf
  • Constant Cravings
  • New World Breakfast Blend
  • Rainforest Rhythms
  • Kenya Muiri Estate
  • Paradise Blend
  • Ethiopian Oronia Sidamo
  • Rwanda Peaberry Bourbon

Not so organic or fair traded:

  • Natural Toast Coffee of Santa Cruz Galapagos
  • Cafe De Monde Coffee and Chicory – no beignets, though ๐Ÿ™

Join me for a cup?